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Re: CMS modernity (was: address tag)


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Nov 30, 2006 10:20AM

> In the next release there will be even more options in the
> context menu for the table. If you can suggest some
> alternatives, we will take them under consideration.

The only alternative I could think of is perhaps that clicking on a
table would produce an in-line menu within the editor.

I should say the contextual menu isn't a huge issue. I don't really want
every editor messing with tables as it is, and typically, the ones that
want to, when they ask, can figure it all out once we show them the
options are there in the contextual menu.

In some ways, not having it so obvious is actually a good thing. ;o)

(also, as Vlad makes apparent, another thing I like about Xstandard as a
company is their prompt replies to email.)

-Darrel (who seriously has no connection to Xstandard other than I
really like their product)