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Re: CMS modernity (was: address tag)


From: Alastair Campbell
Date: Nov 30, 2006 10:30AM

Hi Vlad,

> Info on our progress in this area is available here:
> http://accessifyforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=4931

I was going to explore the forum further before testing Xstandard fully,
although I have read a few posts. It's great to have that forum there,
and really shows a commitment to accessibility.

I'd love to change the editor in our CMS, and Xstandard is the best
choice in many ways, but from my perspective I have internal people and
external clients on our CMS using JAWs (and I think Windows Eyes).

Has Xstandard got any further with keyboard accessibility and (fingers
crossing as I type) screen reader compatibility?

(Myself and a colleague would love to help test things if possible. We
can cover a wide range of technologies!)

> >> The nice thing about Xstandard is that, to an extent,
> >> you can steer folks in the right direction by limiting
> >> the styles and markup they can use.
> >It does to a certain extent, but I'm not sure it goes far enough.
> Can you please elaborate? What things would you like to see improved?

Sure, I've been doing a series:

The posts from allowed HTML and up are fairly detailed, and the first
couple examine Xstandard, FCKeditor and TinyMCE in relation to the
topics. Later I realised that trying to configure all three as I go
along was too much work and would have stopped the requirements style

> There are some enhancements coming to the table authoring in
> the next release for both the Lite and Pro versions. For
> example, XStandard will be the first editor to resize column
> width by dragging using the col element. When you are at the
> stage of reviewing this functionality, we may be able to get
> you a dev build with the table authoring enhancements.

That sounds fairly advanced, and *perhaps* a suitable way of allowing
column sizing. I covered what I would like for tables from an editor

The comments are open, any suggestions are welcome.

Before running the editors through their paces, I'll be turning the
requirements into a checklist, so any comments are very welcome and will
be used to update that checklist.

Kind regards,


Alastair Campbell | Director of User Experience
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