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Re: (off-list) Re: Accessibility of Ohio public schooltestingcontent


From: Michael R. Burks
Date: Dec 21, 2006 10:20AM


There are many folks who feel that captioning helps everyone who uses it,
disabled or not. and there is some evidence to support the idea that folks
who listen to a video and see the captioning at the same time learn the
material better.


Mike Burks

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Andrew Kirkpatrick wrote:
> It's going to be impossible for screen reader users - the developer
> should take a look at the Flash best practices document at
> http://www.adobe.com/accessibility. I haven't looked into the app very
> far, but I'm seeing graphical buttons that lack labels, which is a sure
> sign of insufficient attention to accessibility...


Thank you for taking the time to look at this site. I appreciate the
link to to the best practices site as well. I have only barely dabbled
in Flash technology and so I don't have much of a background to base my
assessments on. I did know enough to be fairly sure I was looking at an
app that was not conducive to screen reader technology because of the
way it was built.

Word has gone up the chain from me to my boss to my boss' colleagues and
supervisor at the state level, and they are talking about contacting the
IT dept at wherever-this-app-was-made to talk about the problems and how
to improve the situation.

I'm also becoming involved in another situation where there are digital
videos being made available through the state library of Ohio for all
K-12 students in the state. Problem is, the online videos are not
captioned. I've been talking to the man who is in charge of that part
of the library, and he is very receptive to talking about some way to
get the videos captioned. I'm in the process of using your old friend,
Magpie, to caption a couple of the videos to show him what it might look
like and what it would entail making available on their site. I'll let
you know how that goes too!

Thanks again!

Michael Roush, Technology Coordinator
Hopewell SERRC
Hillsboro, Ohio, USA