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Featured Article

Email Access: From The Perspective Of An Individual With Visual Impairment

Author: Sachin Dev Pavithran (WebAIM)

Email has become a common means of communication for everyone, including people with disabilities. Sachin Dev Pavithran shares his perspective on using email with assistive technology. In his article he discusses:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of HTML format
  • The advantages and disadvantages of plain text format
  • The obstacles he faces using email
  • Which is better: HTML or plain text?

Read the full article: Email Access: From The Perspective Of An Individual With Visual Impairment

On Target Tip

Accessibility: On a shoe string

Andy Clarke discusses how to use the Firefox Web developer toolbar and Opera as part of the accessibility testing process. He also provides a short list of other tools Web developers may find helpful when testing accessibility. (Source:www.stuffandnonsense.co.uk)

Juicy Studio Tutorial: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

Juicy Studio provides a tutorial to help you meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. (Source: www.juicystudio.com)

Quotations and Citations: Quoting Text

Sometimes quoting and citing text in HTML can be tricky. This article describes how to use the q element, the blockquote element, the cite attribute, and the cite element. (Source: www.456bereastreet.com)

On Target Resources

Fangs: The Firefox Screen Reader Emulator Extension

Fangs, a screen reader emulator extension, was recently released. Fangs creates a textual representation of a Web page. Version 0.51 has some bugs, but was released with the intent of receiving suggestions and feedback from users like you. Since its release, two more versions have been created, Version 0.52 and Version 0.54. (Source: sourceforge.net)

Testing Tools for Developing Accessible Web Sites

Web Accessibility Testing and Services recently updated their list of Web accessibility testing tools. (Source: www.wats.ca)

Stylegala's CSS Reference Index

Stylegala has compiled a list of common CSS1 and CSS2 syntax and properties. You can click on a property to see examples and browser support. (Source: www.stylegala.com)

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