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Featured Article

A Review of Free, Online Accessibility Tools

by Peter Blair (WebAIM)

This article reviews eight, free, online Web accessibility tools and examines the general characteristics of accessibility tools. The review provides a comparison between tools, and offers suggestions as to which tool would be appropriate for each of the following audiences: Web designers, Web developers and Web evaluators. Full Article: Review of Free Online Tools

On Target Tip

Conducting Accessibility and Usability Testing

If you are new to the arena of Web accessibility and usability then conducting accessibility and usability testing on your Web site might seem a little daunting at first. However, many resources have been created to guide you through the process. Validators are a common starting point when people begin conducting testing but they are just a starting point and should never be the only thing you rely on to make your site accessible and usable. Below are a few resources that we have found helpful to ensure a complete, reliable, and valid testing of your Web site.

WebAIM - Evaluating Web Site Accessibility

University of Minnesota Duluth - Evaluation and Testing - UMD has put together a great list of resources on inspecting and testing your Web site.

On Target Resource

Web Accessibility Toolbar for Internet Explorer

The Web Accessibility Toolbar is provided by the Accessible Information Solutions (AIS) team at the National Information and Library Service (NILS), Australia. Steven Faulkner is the primary developer. The toolbar, currently in beta, is available as freeware to the general public. The toolbar contains a range of tools to examine the HTML code and structure, and simulate various types of user experiences. When installed, the toolbar provides direct links to validation from the W3C, controls for resolution, styles, images, structure, and color. If you're an IE user, and have been looking for accessibility functionality, then this is a resource for you.

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