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Featured Article

WebAIM's Response to the National Education Technology Plan and Call for Action

On January 7 the U.S. Department of Education released its National Education Technology Plan 2004, "Toward a New Golden Age in American Education: How the Internet, the law and today's students are revolutionizing expectations". This is the third such plan and was developed over the past several years with input from thousands of educators, students, administrators, and those in educational organizations, as well as the technology industry.

WebAIM applauds the plan with the exception of one prominent omission. The plan does not mention the critical need for accessible technology for millions of students with disabilities.

Read the full article: WebAIM's Response to the National Education Technology Plan and Call for Action

On Target Tip

Web Accessibility podGuide

Now you can have an iPod ready edition of current Web accessibility standards. Dey Alexander explains how to download, install, and use the Web accessibility podGuide. You may also be interested in an iPod ready version of Style Master's CSS Guide. (Source:www.deyalexander.com/)

Designing Web Sites for Older Users: Comparing AARP's Studies to Earlier Findings

With age, access to Web content may become more difficult. This AARP article gives Web developers tips on how to design with the senior population in mind. Their design tips are based on their study and a previous study performed by Fidelity's Human Interface Design group. For more resources on designing for seniors, see the proceedings (most of which are in PowerPoint or PDF form) of the Aging by Design conference held in September. (Source: www.aarp.com)

On Target Resources

Access Learning

Access Learning is a monthy publication from Cable in the Classroom as a resource for those involved in Education. January's online edition links to several PDF articles focused on Web accessibility for K-12 students. (Source: www.ciconline.org)

Connect Outloud

Based on JAWS, Connect Outloud allows individuals with visual disabilities to use the internet. As suggested in the WebAIM discussion forum (see discussion), Connect Outloud is also a less expensive alternative to consider for evaluating your site's accessibility. A free demo is avaliable. (Source: www.hj.com)

Accessibility Evaluation Practices: Survey Results

Read the findings of Dey Alexander's online user testing survey. (Source: www.deyalexander.com/)

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