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Featured Article

Accessibility of AJAX Application: Part 1
by Jared Smith

In Part 1—Accessibility Issues, Jared Smith addresses the following questions:

  • What is AJAX?
  • Why AJAX?
  • Why not AJAX?

He also offers a list of resources related to the accessibility of AJAX.

Read the full article: Accessibility of AJAX Application: Part 1

On Target News

WebAIM Monthly Moved to Accessibility in Mind

The WebAIM web site will soon have a new look and functionality. As part of these changes, WebAIM will add a section for peer reviewed content. Although we announced earlier that this content would live on a different site (i.e., WebAIM monthly), we have made important decisions to limit the locations readers must go to find quality accessibility materials. This section of the WebAIM site will be called "Accessibility in Mind" and will be home to issues comprised of peer reviewed content from a variety of authors.

WebAIM would like to take this opportunity to solicit authors to submit articles, tutorials, or opinion pieces for consideration. We would also like to solicit individuals interested in reviewing content under consideration. For information about Accessibility in Mind, to submit content for consideration, or to become a reviewer email the editor at editor@webaim.org.

@media 2006

The @media conference returns to London this June, bigger and better than before. It's the event of the year for anyone interested in learning about and discussing the latest approaches to web design with some of the world's most respected experts. Don't miss out, like so many people did for last year's sell—out event, places are limited.

On Target Tips

Simple, Accessible External Links
by Russ Weakley, maxdesign.com

In February 2005 WebAIM posted: An Accessible Method of Hiding HTML Content Using CSS. We use a similar technique on our site to add descriptive text to external links and hide the text with CSS. Russ Weakley recently wrote an article that presents another approach to the same idea.

Thinking Outside the Grid
by Molly E. Holzschlag, published on alistapart.com

Grid-based design can be extraordinarily useful in creating sites that are predictable, easily navigated, and visually appealing. Grids are really good at helping designers to plan where things go, and easy for site visitors to use. CSS allows us to create deconstructed grids using boxes that are related to, but independent of, one another.

On Target Resources

CommonLook Review from WebAIM
by Jon Whiting, WebAIM

The CommonLook Section 508 PDF Plug-In is an Acrobat plug-in that can help you create more accessible PDF files. It guides you through a step-by-step evaluation and repair of a PDF file according to US Section 508 § 1194.22 standards. Jon Whiting has written a review of its strengths and weaknesses.

Release of the Web Developer Extension 1.0
from chrispederick.com

Chris Pederick recently released Web Developer Extension 1.0. This release contains new features and bug fixes. Check it for yourself: chrispederick.com/work/webdeveloper/. Read others comments and make your own at Chris Pederick's Blog: Web Developer 1.0 Blog.

Web Page Analyzer— 0.961
from websiteoptimization.com

In a recent WebAIM email discussion, this free website performance tool and webpage speed analyzer was recommended (see thread below: Bandwidth throttling) by one of our subscribers.

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