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Featured Article

How to Make Accessible Web Content Using Microsoft Expression Web

Expression Web is the tool that has replaced FrontPage as Microsoft's web design program. Although the interface is a little bit different than its predecessors, it should be familiar for Microsoft FrontPage and even Office users. Although it offers significant improvements in creating standards-compliant HTML and CSS, it can still be difficult to create accessible HTML using Expression Web "out of the box." This article will show you how to make your content as accessible as possible using MS Expression Web.


Oracle Sued by Blind Workers in Texas

The National Federation of the Blind and three blind State of Texas employees filed a lawsuit this week against Oracle and the State of Texas.

WaSP Announces the International Liaison Group (ILG)

The WaSP International Liaison Group (ILG) is an international collective of web professionals promoting the global use of standards to ensure an equitable web.

Tips and Resources

Higher Education and Web Accessibility: Providing Training and Support for the Future

The group ATHEN (Access Technologists Higher Education Network) has just announced their second issue of their new peer-refereed E-Journal "Higher Education and Web Accessibility: Providing Training and Support for the Future". WebAIM's own Cyndi Rowland edited the special topic. Included are articles from Cynthia Waddell, Sheryl Burgsthaller, Paul Bohman, and 8 case studies on accessibility from institutions of higher education.

University of Minnesota Duluth Accessibility Resources

As mentioned in the WebAIM email discussion list, The Information Technology Systems and Services division at The University of Minnesota Duluth has complied an extensive list of accessibility resources.

NCDAE Tips and Tools: Web Captioning

This brief introduction discusses the principles and potential challenges of captioning for the web. WebAIM is a partner with NCDAE.

Multi-Column Layouts Climb Out of the Box
by Alan Pearce on alistapart.com

Alan Pearce explains his approach to having it all: multiple columns, equal column heights, fixed or liquid center column, clean markup, and CSS.

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