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Section 508 to be updated

Section 508 is being updated. An advisory committee is currently finalizing language that will be recommended to be included in the upcoming updates. We invite you to review the new technical accessibility guidelines and provide feedback.


Will Target Get Schooled?

For nearly a year, it's been very quiet, but Judge Marilyn Hall Patel, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, has just granted class-action status to the lawsuit, meaning every blind person in the U.S. who has tried to access Target.com can become a plaintiff.

Tips and Resources

Colour Contrast Visualiser

Tom Hooper's tool allows you to visualise good color combinations on a Photoshop style color picker. Its primary use is finding acceptable colors from an existing inaccessible combination while maintaining the original aesthetic appeal. This tool is also included in 456bereastreet.com's 10 colour contrast checking tools to improve the accessibility of your design.

Findings from the Web Design Survey

Read the findings of the April 2007 A List Apart and An Event Apart survey of people who make websites. Close to 33,000 web professionals answered the survey's 37 questions, providing the first data ever collected on the business of web design and development as practiced in the U.S. and worldwide.

JAWS Keyboard Commands/Shortcuts

Dennis Lembree has compiled a list of commands/shortcut keys for JAWS 8.0 that can be printed out on two pages for reference.

Videos of People Using Assistive Technology

Roger Johansson links us to several videos housed at assistiveware.com and makes the suggestion that these videos will help viewers understand how assistive technology can improve lives.

A Comparative: Accessibility and Usability

Mike Cherim compares accessibility and usability and suggests there is an overlap, a gray area. He lists 10 scenarios and challenges you to decide for yourself if a given situation is an accessibility issue, a usability issue, both, neither, or something else entirely.

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