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Web Accessibility Preferences?

When web accessibility preferences are implemented, it typically is to account for poor accessibility or to provide a benefit to a small group of users while being a detriment to all other users. The cost of these preferences must be considered.


Upcoming WebAIM events

WebAIM's Jared Smith presents Web Accessibility Gone Wild at SXSW Interactive.

Join WebAIM for the following sessions at the CSUN accessibility conference:

GOALS Action Paper

Project GOALS (a partner with WebAIM) has written an action paper designed to raise the awareness of the need for web accessibility. It is customized for key stakeholders in postsecondary education.

The Serotek Ultimatum

Serotek declares war on the traditional adaptive technology industry and their blind ghetto products.

Update on the Section 508 / Section 255 Guidelines

The Paciello Group Blog provides an update on the pending Section 508 update.

Winter Olympics Web Site Not Accessible

WebAxe provides an overview of the unbelievable inaccessibility of the Olympics web site. Also see Joe Clark's article on the same topic.

Tips and Resources

Resources on cognitive web accessibility research

Clearhelper's comprehensive listing of available research in the area of cognitive web accessibility.

What is Unclear About Captioning?

Does your business know about the need for captioning? This article lays out the facts.

Quick Tip of the Month

Audio descriptions are for users who are blind or visually impaired. They provide the content of videos that are available visually, but not also provided through audio. When producing video, if you ensure that all important visual content is also conveyed through audio there will be no need to generate an alternative audio described version.

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