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WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #3 Results

WebAIM has released the results of our most recent screen reader user survey. These results provide informative and interesting data that should drive accessible web development and practices.


AFB Announces Access Award Recipients

American Foundation for the Blind announces Accessible Twitter, CBS, Lexmark and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as its Access Award Recipients.

Dickensian Disney: not down with the kids

Henny Swan's views on a class action complaint against two Walt Disney companies alleging that Disney's websites are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Tips and Resources

People of HTML5 - John Foliot

John Foliot talks about web accessibility and HTML5.

About Cognitive Accessibility and Related Articles

A comprehensive roundup of cognitive accessibility articles.

Accessible Web Design: Dyscalculia

Steven Clark sheds light on Dyscalculia, a physical inability to process or calculate numbers, and gives some tips for making web sites accessible to those with Dyscalculia.

6 Surprising Bad Practices that Hurt Dyslexic Users

Web design practices that make websites inaccessible to those with dyslexia.

5 Tips for Improving Readability on Your Website

Quick and painless methods for improving your site's readability.

Quick Tip: Animation

Animation or other moving elements on a web page can be distracting to all users. Even simple animation can render a web page completely inaccessible to users with certain cognitive disabilities or high levels of distractibility. Animation should generally be avoided. Brief animations (ones that completely stop in less than 3 seconds), however, can be used to draw attention to important page elements, such as error messages or alerts. A common use of animation to increase accessibility and usability is the implementation of what is called the Yellow Fade Technique. This technique presents a bright, quickly fading background to important page elements or messages.

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