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Styles for Checking Color Reliance

A simple stylesheet for removing color from a page in order to detect color reliance and poor contrast.


Accessibility Summit 2012

The third annual Accessibility Conference will feature WebAIM's Jared Smith and other accessibility experts Sep. 25, 2012.

Rulings on Applicability of ADA to Web Sites

A judge has ruled that the Netflix video streaming service is "a place of public accommodation" and thus subject to ADA regulations. Yet in a separate, and seemingly conflicting case, a judge ruled that the eBay site is not covered by the ADA.

Tips and Resources

Counting People with Disabilities

The new US Census Bureau presents a fresh view of the prevalence of specific disabilities, the degree of severity, and the well-being of the population with disabilities.

No, a Judge did not "break the Internet"

Preety Kummer describes why the outcome of the National Association of the Deaf vs. Netflix will result in better web sites and more Internet consumers.

A New Standard for PDF Accessibility: PDF/UA

An overview of a new ISO standard for authoring accessible PDF documents.

Beyond Usability Testing

Conducting research with actual users is vital to web accessibility.

An Introduction to WebVTT and track

An overview of captioning features in HTML5.

5 Reasons Businesses Should Take Web Accessibility Seriously

Motivating reasons for businesses to consider web accessibility.

Avoid Form Auto-focusing

Users should typically have control over the position of their cursor. Avoid using JavaScript or the HTML5 autofocus attribute to automatically place focus into a form control unless the entire purpose of that application is for user interaction in that field (such as the Search text box at google.com). Automatically setting focus within the page can cause confusion for keyboard users who immediately interact with internal page content rather than the page's initial content (typically the site name/logo and navigation).

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