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Upcoming Accessibility Camps

Accessibility camps are ad-hoc gatherings that focus on design, development, usability, and accessibility. They are an excellent way to learn and share about accessibility with professionals in your area. Upcoming accessibility camps are scheduled for D.C., Los Angeles, Toronto, and Montreal.

Easy-to-Read on the Web

Online symposium hosted by the Web Accessibility Initiative to take place December 3. The submission deadline is October 12.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

The next WebAIM training will be held January 29-30, 2013 in Logan, Utah. Join WebAIM's experts for two days of intensive web accessibility training.

Tips and Resources

HTML5 Accessibility

Steve Faulkner has updated this excellent resource that shows browser support for accessibility features of HTML5.

Accessibility on the Move: Optimizing your websites for mobile accessibility and usability

A summary of a Twitter #a11ychat on mobile accessibility.

Web accessibility is a mindset not a checklist

Web accessibility is a mindset, a principle that must be adopted by every person in an organisation.

Usable landmarks across desktop and mobile

A lot has been written about how to technically implement WAI ARIA Landmarks but from a human perspective just how usable are they for screen reader users?

Quick Tip: Do Not Require Unnecessary Form Data

One of the keys to creating highly accessible forms is to avoid as many errors as possible before the form is submitted. Ensure that forms are as simple and intuitive as possible, and don't require that a field be filled out if the content is not necessary (e.g., a telephone number to subscribe to an email discussion list). Errors can also be prevented by allowing information to be entered in any number of logical formats. For example, allow a telephone number to be formatted (123)456-7890, 123-456-7890, 123.456.7890, or 1234567890, as long as ten numerals are present. This data can easily be reformatted using scripting or database languages for further usage.

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