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August 2017 Newsletter


Screen Readers and CSS: Are We Going Out of Style (and into Content)?

An overview of findings of how CSS can impact screen readers.

Updated WebAIM Contrast Checker

We've made several improvements to our popular color contrast checker.


WebAIM Training

Registration is now open for the WebAIM training to be held December 5-6 in Logan, Utah.


What's New in WCAG 2.1

Adrian Roselli provides an overview of recent updates to the WCAG 2.1 draft.

Best Practices for Conducting an Accessibility Review

Notes on an accessibility review method, issues encountered during the review, and how the results were conveyed to a client.

Accessibility for the future you

Andrea Fercia shares thoughts on why accessibility is for everyone, including the future you.

How to structure headings for web accessibility

When is a heading not a heading? Serious question, the answer lies behind one of the most common accessibility problems on the web.

A11y Weekly

A weekly dose of web accessibility to help you bring it into your everyday work. Delivered to your inbox each Monday, curated by David A. Kennedy.

Quick Tip: Spacing between clickable elements

If adjacent links, buttons, checkboxes, or other controls are too close, they can be difficult to accurately activate for users who may not have fine motor control, those using small-screen mobile devices, or others. Ensure that clickable elements have adequate spacing between them. For small clickable elements, such as checkboxes, ensure that there is a sufficiently large clickable area, including the associated form control label.

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