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September 2018 Newsletter


Pope Tech Release and WAVE Roadmap

The Pope Tech enterprise-level web accessibility tool has been released. This tool is based on WAVE and provides site-wide monitoring and reporting.

Color-Reliant Link Contrast Checker

This new tool makes it easy to measure the complex WCAG contrast requirements for links that are not underlined within body text.


WebAIM Training

Seats are still available for the October 9-10 WebAIM web accessibility training in Utah. Come enjoy our beautiful fall colors! After October, our next training will be held December 4-5.

Digital Accessibility Legal Summit

The first ever Digital Accessibility Legal Summits will be held in December and March.


WAI-ARIA menus, and why you should generally avoid using them

The WAI-ARIA standard defines a number of related menu roles. However, in 99% of all cases, these should not be used.

Heck yes, accessibility - let's make the future awesome

Accessibility provides options, and options lead to innovation. Accessibility isn't a barrier - it's what removes them. It frees us from one path and gives us many.

Much Ado About ARIA

Carie Fisher provides an introduction to ARIA, the first in a series of accessibility beginner posts.

The Importance Of Manual Accessibility Testing

Automated accessibility tests are a great resource to have, but they can't automatically make your site accessible. Use them as one step of a larger testing process.

Accessibility is not a feature

Ethan Marcotte discusses the power of considering navigability and usability for people using assistive technologies.

Quick Tip: Avoid Full Justification

Full text justification, when text is aligned to both the left and right columns, can be problematic for readability. Because the word and letter spacing is adjusted with each new line to force the full justification, this requires additional time when reading for our minds to adjust to these changes. Additionally, full justification can create "rivers of white" - patterns of whitespace that flow through blocks of text - which can be distracting and can cause difficulties for users with dyslexia.

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