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January 2021 Newsletter


Using TalkBack to Evaluate Web Accessibility

Using the Android screen reader for basic navigation and evaluation of web content in mobile Chrome.


WebAIM Virtual Training

Registration is open for WebAIM's next virtual web accessibility training to be held March 3-4.


Consistency is the secret sauce of web accessibility

Consistency in working on web accessibility (fixing things and learning more) is the secret sauce to having and maintaining accessible websites across an organization.

What to Expect From The First Public Working Draft of WCAG 3.0

Wilco Fiers provides an overview of what the W3C is proposing to change in WCAG 3.0.

An insider look at WCAG 3.0

Jeanne Spellman, co-lead of the project to develop WCAG 3.0, provides a detailed look at the new draft guidelines.

A developer's perspective: the problem with screen reader testing

Developers face challenges in knowing which screen reader and browser combinations are best for testing.

Sub-$1,000 Web Accessibility Solution

Adrian Roselli provides some easy, inexpensive ways to improve your site's web accessibility .

Thoughts on screen readers and image recognition

Image recognition in screen readers is a massive improvement over the absence of anything better, but it isn't better than a text description provided by a content author.

Use the tabindex attribute

The tabindex attribute is often misunderstood and consequently misused.

Quick Tip: ARIA Menu Role

ARIA role="menu" is frequently used incorrectly. An ARIA menu is not a group of site navigation links displayed toward the top of a webpage. An ARIA menu is instead a widget that pops open a set of options, and is navigated with the arrow keys (not Tab key). Defining role="menu" on navigation that is not a true ARIA menu can break screen reader behavior.

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