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November 2021 Newsletter


Microsoft Excel - Optimizing Spreadsheet Accessibility

This new WebAIM article covers some basic techniques for improving the accessibility of Excel sheets.


WebAIM Virtual Training

Registration is open for WebAIM's next virtual web accessibility training to be held February 2–3.


UITest.com Site Check

Originally released in 2004, UITest.com allows quick and easy testing in over 80 free, web-based general, accessibility, conformance, performance, and security testing tools.

Respecting Users' Motion Preferences

The prefers-reduced-motion media query has excellent support in all modern browsers going back a couple of years. In this article, Michelle Barker explains why there's no reason not to use it today to make your sites more accessible.

Understanding WCAG 2.1 Level AAA

Ian Pouncey discusses why AAA success criteria are useful and when to consider including them.

Browsing with speech recognition

In the fifth and final post in a series on browsing with assistive technology, TetraLogical covers voice control software.

Introduction to A.I. and Accessibility Testing

As more and more websites make use of AI to enhance user experience, we need to be aware of the role of AI in potentially inhibiting web accessibility for people with disabilities.

The problem with "click here" and "learn more" links

Cynthia Marinakos explores why 'Click here' isn't great for readers and demonstrates better ways to write hyperlink text.

Quick Tip: Mobile menus

When zooming the content on a webpage (Ctrl + on Windows, and command + on Mac) the navigation will often change to a collapsed menu that was built primarily for use on a small, vertical touchscreen. This mobile menu is a common source of accessibility problems for users who enlarge the page and users who navigate the page with a keyboard on either desktop or mobile devices. Remember the needs of various users when building and testing mobile menus.

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