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October 2021 Newsletter


Alternative Text

WebAIM's alternative text article has been significantly updated to reflect current best practices.


WebAIM Virtual Training

Registration is open for WebAIM's next virtual web accessibility training to be held December 8–9.

New York Agencies Commit to Vaccine Website Accessibility

On October 5, the United States Attorney's Office in the Eastern district of New York announced agreements reached to improve accessibility of COVID-19 vaccination websites across several government entities.


Accessibility Review of Online Survey Tools

An overview of accessibility of five popular tools for creating online surveys.

Making data visualizations more accessible

Researchers find blind and sighted readers have sharply different takes on what content is most useful to include in a chart caption.

Quick wins for web accessibility

The topic and practice of web accessibility is wide-ranging and nuanced, which can make it feel hard to get started. A good place to start is to correct the most common errors.

Fix web accessibility systematically

We have to bring accessibility back and modernize existing basic standards. That begins with accessible core ingredients like HTML.

Myths about Web Accessibility

Alvaro Montoro explores 10 web accessibility misconceptions.

UX Accessibility: How to Start Designing for All

As UX designers we have one thing in common: Empathy. We solve people's problems by walking in their shoes. One element of empathy is commonly overlooked: Accessibility.

Quick Tip: Techniques alone can't sustain accessibility

Web developers and content creators can learn and use accessibility techniques, but that may not sustain accessibility over the long haul because of system level issues. Organizations need to identify that accessibility is desired, and then support it. Supporting it includes placing it into the development and QA process. It includes creating a culture of communication, coordination, and motivation that supports accessibility. It includes hiring new employees who have accessibility skills. It includes a procurement process that nets accessible libraries, widgets, tools, and platforms. It includes providing staff with the training and support to succeed. Finally, it includes testing accessibility outcomes and using the data to improve internal processes.

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