Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners #2


The following survey is a follow-up to a previous Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners conducted July 2014. This survey is primarily intended to collect new information and track updates/trends from the previous survey. By completing this survey you will help inform the web accessibility community. Everyone that implements accessibility is invited to participate, whether you do so casually or as a primary part of your job.

The survey will remain open through April 30, 2018. No personally identifying information is collected. When submitted, your browser version and operating system will be collected. Results will be reported as aggregated summaries and will be published May 2018. Your participation is purely voluntary and you can choose to stop at any time. This is a research study that is of minimal risk. It has been approved by Utah State University's Institutional Review Board (#9232). There are 33 brief questions that will take approximately 10-15 minutes. The benefit in taking this survey is that your experiences and opinions could help inform the web accessibility field. The risk includes the time you will take away from your day. The research team works to ensure confidentiality to the degree permitted by technology. It is possible, although unlikely, that unauthorized individuals could gain access to your responses because you are responding online. However, your participation in this online survey involves risks similar to a person's everyday use of the Internet. If you have any questions, please contact Jared Smith. If you have questions about your rights or would simply like to speak with someone other than the research team about questions or concerns, please contact the IRB Director at (435) 797-0567 or

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