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Web Accessibility Training

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Below are several of the comments that we have received in some of the dozens of trainings that WebAIM has administered.

I learned far more from the in-person training than I ever could have from self-training.
January 2019 Training Participant
The training was very useful and will have a great impact as we begin building our new site.
June 2018 Training Participant
Enlightening! Excited to share what I learned with my team and will try to figure out our next steps!
February 2018 Training Participant
This was the perfect way to provide the foundation I needed to work in the accessibility field. I appreciate the examples, tools, and demonstrations. I appreciate the hospitality and many ways you made our visit to Logan very pleasant.
February 2018 Training Participant
This is not the first accessibility training I have taken... but it is the best I have taken. Thank you for making this time worth spending.
June 2016 Training Participant
Very professional- really a great training seminar. I suspect I won't know its real value until I get home to apply it..
December 2017 Training Participant
I loved the training. I'm a PM and the level of technical detail was perfect for me. I know enough to be dangerous now.
June 2017 Training Participant
I cannot think of a better team than Jared, Jon, and George. From start to finish, these 3 gentlemen went above and beyond. I never felt at sea, and they really made such a (successful!) effort to ensure attendees were comfortable and accommodated. I'd recommend the whole package.
April 2016 Training Participant
Thank you so much! I learned a lot. Your hospitality is really appreciated! One of the best trainings I have attended.
June 2010 Training Participant
I came in with expectations that basic accessibility was overly simplistic... I was wrong! That info on principles was great.
October 2008 Training Participant
I liked the coding part. I was enlightened with the cool HTML code and CSS that allows accessibility.
October 2008 Training Participant
[The] training was excellent - loved the small size and the opportunity to have dinner!
June 2008 Training Participant
Great to see you guys are dedicated to a great cause! Web accessibility is something we neglect as site developers and it's good to be reminded of it once in a while.
February 2008 Training Participant
This was excellent training. I can't think of one way it could have been better. TOP NOTCH!
June 2007 Training Participant
I liked the friendly nature of the training. Most accessibility sessions I've attended were intimidating and forceful - this one was very approachable. The presenters were awesome!
June 2007 Training Participant
Exceptionally knowledgable instructors with excellent presentation skills. Their ability to recognize the needs of the participants and adapt was appreciated
Mark Suiter
Indiana Department of Education
June 2007 Training Participant
I just completed the WebAIM accessibility training. I can not tell you enough how much I appreciate the quality and value of this workshop. I will leave today with information I can share and implement right away. Thank you!
Buffi Union
Metropolitan Community College
The workshop on web accessibility was a real "eye opener" for me. While I have been advocating accessibility, I didn't realize how much I didn't know. The tools and access information provided in this workshop was excellent.
Barb Clark, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Very informative and eye-opening training. Thanks for the very professional, yet laid-back approach.
Training Participant
Utah State Government
The information and classes you are presenting are extremely valuable and rare. You are extremely knowledgeable. All the information was fantastic.
Training Participant
Nebraska Education Services Unit
The training was awesome! After day one, I learned so much I was excited to come back the next day.
Training Participant
Metropolitan Community College
Great workshop! You filled in a lot of the gaps in the info I had gathered at other workshops and through my own research. This was very helpful!
Training Participant
United States Social Security Administration
The presenters from WebAIM were very knowledgable and opened my eyes to a lot of tools and resources I was unaware of. I will be able to make several accessibility improvements to our web content based on what I learned.
Chuck Davis
Metropolitan Community College
This is not the first accessibility training I have taken... but it is the best I have taken. Thank you for making this time worth spending.
WebAIM Training Participant
Today was a good investment of my time. Presenters were personable, very knowledgable, and good to work with. As a novice to web development and accessibility, the first day of this workshop was an excellent introduction. I'd highly recommend the WebAIM trainers.
Susie Dunn
Southeast Community College
I always recommend WebAIM as the first place to go to learn about accessibility.
Jen Harper
California Department of Health Services