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Accessible AJAX type form controls...


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Aug 30, 2007 4:30PM

Has anyone seen a good, accessible implementation of a +/- type form

For instance, let's say you have an advanced search feature where you
can add different variables to search by. It starts with one field
shown, but if you click the + sign to the right, you can add another
(or remove them)? If the field is added below the area of the page
where the user's focus is, will the newer AT read it? Or do they
still not know it's there. (I'm guessing they still don't know it's
there but am hoping things have been changing while my head was turned.)

Is it better to create the form fields when the page loads, but keep
them hidden, and then show them (toggle them to a visible state) by
clicking the + button? (my guess)

Stephanie Sullivan
Dreamweaver Task Force for WaSP