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Example [was]Re: Accessibility Observations


From: Holly Marie
Date: Feb 27, 2002 10:56AM

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From: "Terry Brainerd Chadwick"

> Holly wrote:
> >I have to disagree here and worked a fully compliant absolutely
> >positioned page that not only lays out well in all browsers... NN4x,
> >IE5.5, Opera, Mozilla, and NN6, but it also degrades gracefully and
> >clear order on a text only render in Lynx or browsers with sheets and
> >styles off.
> Would you please provide a URL so we can see how you have accomplished
> TIA,
> Terry

Hi Terry,
here you go.
I decided to toss together a short page with some anchor links and
absolute positioning. I left the font sizing default to browser and only
sized the Hx to 1.1 and 1.3 ems....

other wise, I believe you will find this page degrades fine to text
only, works on all browsers, and displays fine for visual. the colors
might not be your favorite, but those were also chosen with Color
Viewing difficulties in mind and the colors were piced from charts with
this also in mind.

A page does not have to be boring or lack graphics for design in order
to be Accessible. As a matter of fact, the colors and or graphics can
make the page more interesting or accessible for those that need these

XHTML Strict and CSS 2 can both validate error free and warning free and
display across browsers as well as text only and in lynx viewers, too.
Style sheets off, does not destroy the message or content either.

page was checked at the links to the w3.org HTML/XHTML validator, and
also at the CSS validator.
The page was also checked at http://www.visicheck.com for color
blindness features.
The page was also taken to http://www.delorie.com and put in the
backwards compatibility viewer and had the style sheets turned off and
the images turned off.... and then at delorie it was put through the
lynx viewer and seems ok.

The only thing I did not have a chance to check was the speach browser
or reader mode, but I have a feeling this will work there also. My title
tagging and alt tagging might not be especially wonderful or content
perfect, but the idea works and the page should work just fine.

Let me know if you hit any problem areas with this particular page, as I
have been using a free tool to layout an absolute positioned page that I
found at the W3.org style news section on new tools to use.


URL : http://www.qexo.com/access.html

the links to the W3 validators for this page are at the bottom of the
content section ...

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