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Re: Example [was]Re: Accessibility Observations


From: Holly Marie
Date: Feb 27, 2002 11:26AM

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From: "Holly Marie"

> URL : http://www.qexo.com/access.html
> the links to the W3 validators for this page are at the bottom of the
> content section ...

There are no tables or deprecated codes or tags in the page.[xhtml
strict and css2 instead of tables is used]
There are two images, one repeating background image in the body
CSS[orange and yellow grid image]
The image on top of that image and under the links is a graphic I made
quickly in PSP, and displays under the link layer and over the bg image
layer upper right corner.

This is what I tested the page on:

Win 2000 here, and this is the list of browsers it works fine on:
K-Meleon - displays well
Mozilla 0.9.8 - displays well
Opera 5.01 - displays well
IE 5.5 - displays well
NN4.78 - displays fine, links all work, including anchors.
NN6.2 - displays well
Lynx 2.7.1 - content displays fine and in clear order.

Delorie Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer is here:
remember you can turn off and on many different things, like tables,
images, scripts, css to view a page in any combination or turn it all
off and see how the page renders.[in opera you can do some similar

For Lynx, I used theirs until I get one installed - the version they
have is older [ 2.7.1 ]:

So, my thoughts. Layout of a page with CSS2 and XHTML strict works well
enough in all browsers in this case, and also degrades well to CSS
style - Less modes and text only lynx.

and enough of it works to use it now.


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