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Re: Software to simulate hand tremors?


From: Joshue O Connor
Date: Oct 22, 2007 8:40AM

I don't know if using software is such a hot idea at all.

> I want to
> simulate how it feels for a user without a motor disorder

Would software do this? A tremor is a kinetic thing, a result of
diminishing motor function and having the screen shake about means just
that, that it's shaking about. The user is not shaking. It would be more
logical to develop a device that flung the users arm around when they
least expect it.

It seems like a better path to try and observe a user who really does
have hand tremors, or spasms and take the experience with you. If you
visit any of your local disability services you could meet users and
this would give you first hand experience (no pun intended).

As an aside, I have worked with people who have had varying degrees of
hand tremors, some with extreme or involuntary spasms. One refused to
use AT at all and wanted to use the 'normal' mouse. An interesting
observation was that he didn't particularly see himself as having a
disability and wanted to use what he perceived as 'normal' technology.

With another user when I gave her a Penny and Giles joystick and found
it to be a revelation! She was a writer and wrote a book with one finger
(took her three years) and the P&G joystick opened up a new world.

Anyway, go for it if you think it's a good idea, thats just my two cents.



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