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Re: Layout Stability


From: Gunlaug Sørtun
Date: Nov 5, 2007 5:10PM


> In an attempt to invite coders and designers to consider coding for
> "layout stability" to increase the readability and usability of web
> content.

> http://cssfreelancer.awardspace.com

> I am wondering what your opinion is about it.
> Would you please provide a feedback?

Having worked with what I call "robust designs" for a few years, I have
to say there aren't all that many working versions around. Guess IE6 has
held up the web for too long with its lack of CSS support, and IE7 is
late and just barely up to a minimum.

Creating robust, 'layout stable', CSS-based designs should otherwise not
really be a problem today. Even images can be modified on the fly to fit
in a mix of flexible and fixed containers, columns, with proper use of
min/max width, and older browsers can be given acceptable workarounds.

There are 'fluid', 'elastic' and 'conditional elastic' solutions to the
'layout stability' problems. Some simple demos linked in on this page...


...which contains more complete workarounds for IE6' lack of min/max
than you're using in your page - also for elastic layouts.