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Re: Layout Stability


Date: Nov 6, 2007 4:40AM

First of all I would like to thank you for giving a feedback.

@Keith Parks:
I have designed this layout allowing for up to two increments. I am aware of the problem you mentioned, However for this layout I can't think of anything at the moment to prevent that happenning while keeping it cross browser and cross platform and preventing overlaps and providing an acceptable white space when browsing normally.

I would be very happy if you could provide a solution for this. However I will check my code again in the upcoming days too. Thanks for mentioning it.
Thank you very much for visiting my portfolio and the link for your site.

@Georg :

Well I am pleased to see your web site. I beleive what you have accomplished is a wonderfull job. Georg, I beleive we are pacing on the same road. What both of us have accomplished , are pointing to the same direction providing a cross browser, stable, usable and readable environment for web content.

I really enjoyed seeing your web site and learnt some lessons. It has been annoying to me seeing a lot of web sites out there without doing research on readability and usability.
I noticed that you have used CDATA in your css files added to the html code, which I beleive you are preventing an XML parser from producing errors. Why do you see a necessity of adding CDATA in this case? Is there any other reason for it?

In regards to older browsers and that IE6 has held up the web for too long and as we move on we will have more standard compliant browsers i do agree with you. However providing a correct code considering layout stability to prevent readability and usability problems is necessary even when coding for standard compliant browsers.

In other words it is possible to code in a way that standard compliant browsers will have readability and usability problems, which is what made me to invite for considering coding for layout stability.

I have provided a solution to prevent the loss in quality of pictures when they are browsed within an html file in different resolutions ( When the browser's window expanding or compressing) simply by creating a picture with a width of 735px and filling the rest of the veiwport for higher resolutions with a background color which is presented in the header of my portfolio. May I have your opinion about it please?

I also visited your main page at: http://www.gunlaug.no/main-en.html . I noticed that the fixed pisiotoned div on the right (#right-top) as well as footer on your main page disappears/ cutts off when resizing the browser's window in browsers such as Firefox 1.0.7, IE7, NS 7.2, Opera 8.01 and the content in the main area overlaps the left area where you have the back14wh.jpg background picture causing layout stability problems. I thaught you might be interested in double checking your code.

I have done some SEO for my portfolio and there are more than 70 combination of keywords which my portfolio will rank from number one to number 10 (mostly 1 to 5) on the first page of google. Some of the keywords are as below which my portfolio stands number one on google :
"css coder" "online portfolio" "xhtml coder" "online portfolio" "xhtml freelancer" "online portfolio" "xhtml coder" wcag "css coder" "readability" "cross-browser " "css freelancer" "cross-platform " "css coder"

As I mentioned there are other keywords that my portfolio ranks number one to 10 , however I am not going to bother you with mentioning in here. I was wondering if we can exchange a front page (main page) link please?

Once again thank you very much for visiting my portfolio and thank you for providing a link to your web site.


> Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 00:54:04 +0100> From: <EMAIL REMOVED> > To: <EMAIL REMOVED> > Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Layout Stability> > DAVOUD TOHIDY wrote:> > > In an attempt to invite coders and designers to consider coding for > > "layout stability" to increase the readability and usability of web > > content.> > > http://cssfreelancer.awardspace.com>; > > I am wondering what your opinion is about it.> > > > Would you please provide a feedback?> > Having worked with what I call "robust designs" for a few years, I have> to say there aren't all that many working versions around. Guess IE6 has> held up the web for too long with its lack of CSS support, and IE7 is> late and just barely up to a minimum.> > Creating robust, 'layout stable', CSS-based designs should otherwise not> really be a problem today. Even images can be modified on the fly to fit> in a mix of flexible and fixed containers, columns, with proper use of> min/max width, and older browsers can be given acceptable workarounds.> > > There are 'fluid', 'elastic' and 'conditional elastic' solutions to the> 'layout stability' problems. Some simple demos linked in on this page...> > <http://www.gunlaug.no/contents/wd_additions_14.html>;> > ...which contains more complete workarounds for IE6' lack of min/max> than you're using in your page - also for elastic layouts.> > regards> Georg> -- > http://www.gunlaug.no>;