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Re: ATAG & specified technologies


From: Patrick Lauke
Date: Nov 7, 2007 3:10AM

> Alastair Campbell

> Does requiring a particular platform make something inaccessible?
> (Specifically for a browser-based web application.)
> The usual case is that a CMS back-end interface only works with
> Windows & IE5.5+.
> Now, most access technologies work with this combo, but what about
> people on other platforms, or use Opera for it's excellent zoom
> features?
> Is there a 'use-case' where people *need* to use other
> platforms/browsers?

> Is that set-up itself breaking the law?

An interesting quandary that I've been pondering recently as well...
My personal view is that yes, ideally the system should be cross-browser and cross-platform, but as long as the employer (government department etc) provides its employees (with or without disabilities) with the platform they need (desktop computer, laptop, any assistive technology they require - all technology that is "accessibility supported", if you will) to do their job (such as work with the CMS), I wouldn't think it's breaking the law(?)

As I say, this is purely my personal gut reaction. IANAL etc