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Re: ATAG & specified technologies


From: Patrick Lauke
Date: Nov 7, 2007 3:30AM

Sorry, to add to my previous message

> > Alastair Campbell

> > Now, most access technologies work with this combo, but what about
> > people on other platforms, or use Opera for it's excellent zoom
> > features?
> > Is there a 'use-case' where people *need* to use other
> > platforms/browsers?

Taking the Opera example, if the users can make a serious case for why they use Opera over plain-vanilla IE (not just based on whim or personal preference), and the CMS backend only works in IE, then the employer would need to provide the user with further tech to accommodate their need (ZoomText or something?).

But maybe I'm overlooking some use cases where there is indeed no other alternative for some users (though I can't think of one off-hand that couldn't be solved by getting additional AT, which the employer would have to then pay for).