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Re: Accessible Cold Fusion up-charge


From: Gareth Dart
Date: Jun 20, 2008 2:00AM


Level A (aka Priority 1) isn't really that difficult - you can see a
reasonably non-technical explanation here:
http://www.w3.org/TR/WAI-WEBCONTENT/#wc-priority-1. Without further
details about the scope and size of the project, I'm hesitant to say,
but it sounds excessive to me. That increase is several weeks of
developer-hours. I would, at the very least, ask the contractor for a
breakdowmn of these extra hours and why they think they're necessary.
If they're reputable and competent, they'll be able to explain what they
need to do and why it's going to take so long.

We're a government agency aswell, and we put lots of 'moderately complex
scientific data, presented in tables' on the site on an almost daily
basis. It just requires that my content authors are trained in how to
mark-up an accessible table. They don't always _listen_, granted....


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Subject: [WebAIM] Accessible Cold Fusion up-charge

I am new to this group and fairly new to accessibility. As the
accessibility coordinator of a state agency, I have been asked to verify
the validity of a contractor's up-charge from 640 to 970 hours to build
accessibility into a Cold Fusion application. The application is in the
planning stage, with the only change being to make the application meet
W3C Compliance Level A. The output is expected to be moderately complex
scientific data, presented in tables.

My question is: does the revision from 640 hours to 970 hours seem