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Ajax, circa 2008 and beyond


From: Tech
Date: Jul 15, 2008 12:00PM

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<font face="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif">At Webaim.org, I can find
some fairly dated articles (2005) about Ajax and accessibility. Could
someone please point me to a good list of links with some really
current discussion about Ajax adoption, standards, etc. <br>
With so many Ajax-based applications now online, and coming, I'm
particularly curious about how government and education are adjusting
to this new world of interface widgets. <br>
Perhaps I am just a dumb, selfish developer, but it would seem that the
days of the non-ajaxed interface are numbered.&nbsp; Economic realities, and
the 80/20 rule will conspire to ensure that few new projects are just
not going to expend much effort in building dual interfaces for the
majority of applications.&nbsp; If for no other reason, than non-javascript
interfaces are hard, and painfully boring to work on.&nbsp; Who even wants
to do that work in most business environments, unless forced to? <br>
&nbsp;Google Docs doesn't seem to be too concerned with addressing this, nor
countless other sites.&nbsp;&nbsp; So what does this mean, long term?&nbsp; Smarter,
more informed people than I must be discussing this realistically, and
eloquently, but I'm having trouble finding anything very comprehensive
or current (except here, of course).<br>
Thoughts, links, welcomed.<br>