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Re: Ajax, circa 2008 and beyond


From: Phil Teare
Date: Jul 15, 2008 12:50PM

While Docs itself is left laking a little in this respect, Raman and the
gang at Mountain View (e.g. Charles of FireVox fame) are doing rather a lot
to improve matters. There google group is both fairly active and fairly
responsive to quereys. e.g. they fixed the alt textless buttons on iGoogle
for me and another requesting individual. Also check their axsjax concept.
Its a nice idea... Which may yet become properly useful.

Ask for what you want and see what they say...?

Re the bigger picture, check out Chris's scriptingenabled site (and event if
you can).

I've enjoyed Steve Faulkner talking on the subject. I'm pretty sure there's
a few podcasts of him descussing the ins and outs of the 'ajax problem'.

While very little of what I do is directly 'proper' ajax, its a kin to it,
and is proving useful to many, namely web based assistive technology using
ajaxia techniques to deliver TTS and rich accessible interfaces...

So it's not all bad.

Phil Teare,
CTO & Chief Architect,
http://www.talklets.com from Textic Ltd.
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2008/7/15 Tech < <EMAIL REMOVED> >:

> At Webaim.org, I can find some fairly dated articles (2005) about Ajax and
> accessibility. Could someone please point me to a good list of links with
> some really current discussion about Ajax adoption, standards, etc.
> With so many Ajax-based applications now online, and coming, I'm
> particularly curious about how government and education are adjusting to
> this new world of interface widgets.
> Perhaps I am just a dumb, selfish developer, but it would seem that the
> days of the non-ajaxed interface are numbered. Economic realities, and the
> 80/20 rule will conspire to ensure that few new projects are just not going
> to expend much effort in building dual interfaces for the majority of
> applications. If for no other reason, than non-javascript interfaces are
> hard, and painfully boring to work on. Who even wants to do that work in
> most business environments, unless forced to?
> Google Docs doesn't seem to be too concerned with addressing this, nor
> countless other sites. So what does this mean, long term? Smarter, more
> informed people than I must be discussing this realistically, and
> eloquently, but I'm having trouble finding anything very comprehensive or
> current (except here, of course).
> Thoughts, links, welcomed.