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Re: accessible table sorting


From: Randi
Date: Apr 21, 2009 4:40PM

I see. So its on a results page, and you want to give the option of
clicking the arrow to sort by ascending or descending. So for someone
who is sighted, thiswould be obvious? Is it kind of like expanding a
menu by clicking the plus or negative sign? If I'm following, could
you include some hidden text explaining what the arrow would do? And
then work your magic on the arrow? The reader would say, click on
arrow to sort in ascending order, and then it would say arrow.

I've run into arrows that are supposed to do stuff, and then they
don't do anything. So I might be off base. Or if they do something, it
doesn't say anything. Thats why I love drop down menus.

On 4/21/09, <EMAIL REMOVED> < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> It would work, but not very well because there are so many columns in
> this case. So you would have to have a ton of entries like "sort by
> category ascending", "sort by category descending", etc. It also doesn't
> fit into the design specs I need to follow.
> I need a simple arrow in each column that when clicked sorts by that
> heading in an ascending order, and when clicked again sorts in a
> descending order. It's a vary common format, I'm just trying to figure
> out how to make it the most obvious for someone who can't see the
> arrows.
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>> Would a drop down menu work? I love drop down menus for things like
>> this. I'm no techie though, so I might be off track.