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Re: accessible table sorting


From: Karl Groves
Date: Apr 21, 2009 4:55PM

> Using hardcoded images for the arrows with alt text is not an option
> because the arrow image needs to change when clicked. That's easy to do
> with a css background image, but not one that is hardcoded in.

Not sure I follow here. Surely if you can change the image when it is
clicked, you can change the text alternative of it.


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> > Date: Tue, April 21, 2009 3:37 pm
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> > I see. So its on a results page, and you want to give the option of
> > clicking the arrow to sort by ascending or descending. So for someone
> > who is sighted, thiswould be obvious? Is it kind of like expanding a
> > menu by clicking the plus or negative sign? If I'm following, could
> > you include some hidden text explaining what the arrow would do? And
> > then work your magic on the arrow? The reader would say, click on
> > arrow to sort in ascending order, and then it would say arrow.
> >
> > I've run into arrows that are supposed to do stuff, and then they
> > don't do anything. So I might be off base. Or if they do something,
> it
> > doesn't say anything. Thats why I love drop down menus.