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Re: Screen reader spelling conventions


From: Steven Henderson
Date: Oct 22, 2009 8:20AM

I second consistency as first priority, John. In the case of brail users
though, I do wonder how such issues affect them.


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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Screen reader spelling conventions

Just had a conversation last week with my friend Steve who is a screen
reader user and this topic came up. He indicated he didn't care about the
spelling or how the screen reader pronounced, or mispronounced word, just as
long as it did so consistently.

Interesting point, I thought.


John E. Brandt
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Subject: [WebAIM] Screen reader spelling conventions

I've become interested in ensuring that certain spellings are accessible to
screen reader users, so far I have changed a few conventions and wondered
what others thought and possibly suggestions of other words that I might
not yet have thought of (I expect there could be a few, given that I am only
suggesting two here).

"Sitemap" in favour for "Site map"

"Email" in favour for "E-mail"

And in any such cases, if search engine queries were in favour of the least
favoured spelling, how would that affect keywords (being that they're