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Re: WCAG and various Laws


From: Geof Collis
Date: Mar 30, 2010 9:45AM

Hi Andrew

Thanks I haven't seen that link. I'll look it over and see if I can
find anything to bolster my argument.



At 10:39 AM 3/30/2010, you wrote:
>Hi Geof
> From experience you are right on the mark with WCAG 2.0 being the 'norm'
>(with WCAG 1.0 AA preceding that) for the more technically advanced
>countries to hang their legislation off of.
>Have you checked out http://www.w3.org/WAI/Policy/ ? This has great
>background on specific country legislation and the issuing body. It doesn't
>give any quick answers as to the specific technical standard (WCAG being the
>predominant solution) or the level that should be attained, but it does tell
>you the issuing body so it is easy enough to check (the WAI might even be
>able to assist you).
>It would be great to see a resource that listed exactly what you are after
>but I'm not sure that would feasible (as it's never quite that straight
>forward & would be difficult to ensure it was up-to-date) - the link above
>is a good start though.