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Re: Adobe InDesign to Accessible PDF discussion group


From: Bevi Chagnon
Date: Aug 25, 2011 12:24PM

RE: and InDesign accessibility group:
No, I haven't found one. Looks like we have a handful of people who are
interested so let's start a discussion group. I've formed several other
groups in Yahoo Groups and Google Groups. Anyone have a preference?

RE: tagging in InDesign.
Upgrade immediately to CS5.5. Although accessibility still isn't perfect, it
is greatly improved and worth every penny of the upgrade price. Here are
some of the key accessibility features in CS5.5.

Karen wrote: "It would be so nice if we could do all of this in the
Paragraph Style dialog and just choose from a list of Tags to associate with
the Paragraph Style!"

It's there in CS5.5. With each paragraph style you can also select which tag
to map it to. Plus, another utility lets you see all your tags and styles
and map them one-by-one or automatically. For example, if you use the
official bullet/numbered list features in a paragraph style, it will
automatically be tagged as <LI> and when exported to PDF, the required list
structure is created, <L>, <LI> etc.

Tables are automatically tagged, too, with the required TH and TD tags in
place. Story/Article threading is handled in a nice panel, so you can thread
all the pieces of the layout very quickly and generated a tagged PDF with
the correct tag order.

OMG I'm in Heaven!!!

I've been running my accessibility for InDesign classes on CS5.5 for a few
months and the process works very well. Still a few glitches, but worth the
upgrade cost.


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