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Re: Is WCAG a "Living" Document?


From: John Foliot
Date: May 31, 2012 8:39PM

David Ashleydale wrote
> I was just wondering if the W3C ever updates the "sufficient
> techniques"
> portions of WCAG due to newly available technologies. If so, it would
> be
> nice to be able to "subscribe" to the changes in order to be notified
> of
> them.

Hi David,

There is currently an effort underway to collect some of these newer
techniques so that the sufficient techniques section of WCAG 2 can be
updated. My pal Joshue O'Connor is overseeing that effort at the W3C right
now, and I suspect that he could use a hand if you (or anyone else reading
this) is interested. I'm cc'ing Josh on this note, and you can ping him
directly if you are so inclined.

Remember, the work of the W3C is done by regular folks like you and me, and
all contributions are both welcome and appreciated. Don't be shy, get