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Re: Screen Reader Survey Results


From: Ryan E. Benson
Date: Jun 6, 2012 7:27PM

Duff and others,

While this is not an attack on anybody, I would like to address
something. I was only able to get finish Duff's post to the "Mobile
devices are rockin'" section. The part that stuck out to me was his
section "AT users to world: the web is not getting more accessible", I
haven't talked to you, Duff, so I don't know what you really meant by
it; either you could be just be pointing it out or could be read as
"but, but, but I [and others] work hard on promoting accessibility,
how can that be said?!?" I would say the answer is somewhat easy, if
you simplify it. Ask most people what are the most popular sites, you
will most likely get Facebook and Google for an answer. If then ask
what sites have accessibility issues, you will most likely get...
Facebook and Google again. I know that Google has a group that is for
talking about accessibility, even though issues are posted, there is
nothing closing the loop part of the time. Yes some issues do get
fixed, but some issues/threads just die because the person or people
who find the bug get tired of saying please fix this. I personally
filed two bugs in the last two or three weeks. One bug was passed onto
the webkit folks, I followed the thread for a day or so, but the way
they were planning to fix it was the wrong way.

The only way I know to raise an issue with Facebook is to fill out a
contact form. I know I did this a few years ago and didn't get a

With all that said, even though various groups are doing good things;
whether it be WebAIM with stuff like this, the improvements with
jQuery, etc, it doesn't get seen if the big guys aren't doing it. Thus
no improvements are perceived.

Ryan E. Benson

On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 12:08 AM, Duff Johnson < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Ok, I'm not a fan of crickets, so I'm wading in...
> A big "thanks!" to WebAIM for writing, hosting and administering its 4th survey of screen reader users!
> I'm surprised not to read some (any?) comment on this list. It's interesting reading, people! This is data.
> Here's the URL again:
> http://webaim.org/projects/screenreadersurvey4/
> I've written my own brief assessment that may interest folks on this list.
> http://www.commonlook.com/headings-matter-to-at-users
> Best regards,
> Duff Johnson
>> The results from our most recent screen reader user survey are
>> available at http://webaim.org/projects/screenreadersurvey4/
>> Thank you to everyone that completed the survey. We had 1782
>> responses, making this the most popular survey yet. There are some
>> very interesting trends and surprises. We've published a summary of a
>> few notable items on our blog at
>> http://webaim.org/blog/survey-4-results/
>> Jared Smith
>> WebAIM.org
>> >> >> >
> > >