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Re: your opinion on this link labeling please


From: Angela French
Date: Jul 30, 2012 4:31PM

Unfortunately, Adobe Contribute which is the software our content editors use, does not support scope, so <th> with rowspan is the best I can do.

Angela French

>I'm now getting the month with the first file for that particular month. I'm
>thinking this is the a little but more complicated and possibly that the cells
>should be marked with scope for the rows that that particular cell is related
>to so for example you have two or three files and among each of those
>months go back to the one cell to look for their particular header row.
>Otherwise on the first row of the month it does say what month the files are
>related to.
>Lucia Greco
>Web Access Analyst
>IST-Campus Technology Services
>University of California, Berkeley
>(510) 289-6008

>>if you tag the month as the row header: the screen reader should read the
>>month when you read the filenames. Your column headers are labeled or
>>jaws is helping you but when I go through the filenames the row headers are
>>not read.
>>Lucia Greco
>>Web Access Analyst
>>IST-Campus Technology Services
>>University of California, Berkeley
>>(510) 289-6008
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>>Subject: [WebAIM] your opinion on this link labeling please
>>I would appreciate some feedback about this new page that is in
>>In the table under Monthly and Quarterly FMS Processes you will see the
>>presentation of documents with the same name that are presented each
>>I am concerned about whether this method of presentation satisfies Success
>>Criterion 2.4.4. If a screen reader was reading a links list, it would
>fail, but
>>taken in the context of the table, the user would perceive what month it's
>>by the value in the first column Month/Year.
>>I'm afraid if I add the month/year onto the link label it will add a lot of
>>clutter and may just make aural clutter for the screen reader user.
>>However, if it is better for me to add the month/year to the link label,
>>it be better at the front of the label or at the end?
>>Thank you for opinions.
>>Angela French
>>Internet Specialist
>>State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
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