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Question Regarding Chart Patterns, Color Contrast, and Cognitive Disabilities


From: Elle
Date: Jul 31, 2012 4:04PM


Our company is creating a series of pie charts that will depend on using
both color and pattern to distinguish the various slices of information. We
will be presenting the information in an alternate format as well, but we'd
like the patterns to work for visual users who would appreciate getting
information in this format.

Could I get some feedback on which patterns you think work best to
distinguish one pie slice from another? I have informally queried an
autistic friend of mine who reminded me that sometimes the highest color
contrast does not equate to the most accessible experience for him. Another
friend who is color blind noted his preference for really high color
contrast, so I'm interested in as many opinions as possible to find a good
solution: http://i.imgur.com/te6tf.jpg

Thanks very much,