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Re: Bold Italics


From: Jukka K. Korpela
Date: Sep 25, 2012 11:56PM

2012-09-26 8:36, Bevi Chagnon wrote:

> A key facet of the proposed 508 Refresh is to
> expand the regs to cover all ICT, information & communication technology.

So when you wrote that "this is a Word document that must be
508-compliant", you were apparently referring to some assumed future 508
rules (though I don't see which clauses in the draft you are referring to).

> << The rules that apply to the converted result may be anticipated when
> preparing the original document and when carrying out the conversion
> process, but this does not mean that specific requirements on the original
> document can be deduced. >>
> I disagree. Not only can I deduce the specific requirements of the original
> document, I MUST deduce and control them.

"MUST" as per some setup of your processes, but not as something
derivable from the regulations.

> Paragraph and character styles make all this conversion work as efficiently
> as possible.

Undoubtedly. But when the starting point is that something is required
to be bold italic, then things are specified in terms of rendering, not
in a manner suitable for use of styles.

> Bold and italics in a Word document are often lost in the
> conversion, but the Strong and Emphasis character styles make it through the
> conversion just fine.

It depends on the conversion.

> Hence, why we're looking for a solution on Strong+Emphasis character style.

As you wrote, you cannot use two character styles on the same piece of
text. You can just use one style that has the desired characteristics,
possibly formed by adding the features of one style when setting up a
style based on the other style.

So why don't you just define such a style or, if available in your
version of Word and you find it acceptable, use the predefined "Intense
emphasis" style?