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Re: need some help re problem sites


From: GF Mueden@
Date: Apr 29, 2013 2:18PM

Ref "How about...

I really don't like it. The causes don't matter, it is the disabilities that need to be addressed.
There are two important groups of the low visioned to be served, ete readers who read with their eyes but not well, and ear readers who read with their ears with text to speech technology. The fixes and accommodations for these two groups are quite different and what helps one group is generally of no use to the other. I will speak about the eye readers needs and let others address the needs od ear readers.

Ete readers may have have our principal disabilities:
(1) Poor acuity, sharpness of focus. The fix is magnification and the accommodation is word wrap to keep the copy on the screen.
(2) Poor contrast sensitivity, the ability to distinguish between shades of gray or colors, distinguishing foreground fron background. The fix is our abolity to change fonts to bold ones and control colors. The accommodation is being let to do it and formatting may interfere.
(3) Limited visual field which may be due to retinal damage or such poor acuity that the eye is close to the screen. The fix is having the copy in a narroe column and having word wrap to keep the copy within the column. [visibilitymetrics.com does it well.]
(4) Color blindness, the eye not reporting to the brain the colors that normal eyes see. That's this layman's definition. What can be done about it is beyond me.

I would like to see a presentation similar to mine done for ear reades, listing the problems and how to fix them, but in laymans terms that management would understand as well as the techies.


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> How about...
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