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Re: Supporting NS4 [WAS: Re: Formatting lists]


From: Lori K. Brown
Date: Oct 25, 2002 11:48AM

No such luck, Leo.


The government, particularly the military and defense-related
endeavors, is still a widespread and committed user of that
miserable browser. We live in browser detection hell because we
cannot count on our customer base to upgrade.

There are communities who are going to take a very long time to
upgrade to real browsers. Oh that it were not so. And even though
various metrics on the web like 'the Counter' make it appear that NN
4.7x is finally fading, we find that our mileage varies, big time.

Wired can let NN4.7x lapse as a supported browser because it's
viewership is so, well, wired. Can you imagine any committed readers
of that site having the same bizarre unreasoning resistance to
upgrading that a govt. agency or academic institution would? No, of
course not. But those of us who write for a more diverse and less
cutting-edge audience are stuck with it for a while yet, sadly.

Lori Kay Brown
User Interface Engineer
SiteScape, Inc.

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==> From: "Leo Smith" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
==> Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 14:31:16 -0400

NS4 is finally starting to die out....

Wired.com just redesigned their new site with complete separation of
structural content from presentation...

In NS4, the user simply gets a linearized presentation of the
content...like it would perhaps be delivered to a PDA or cell

This, I think, is the way to go now with regards to NS4 support when
using CSS - if Wired can be so bold (a major commercial content
oriented site), I think we all probably can..


> > As a workaround, though, you might consider using <ul> markup
with > > the numbers as explicit content, and a CSS rule that
suggests > > suppression of bullets: <style type="text/css"> ul li {
> > list-style-type: none; } </style> > > A note of warning: this
yields ? for bullets in NS4 on macs. Not sure > about Windows. > >
emma >


Leo Smith Web Designer/Developer USM Office of Publications and
Marketing University of Southern Maine 207-780-4774

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