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Re: turning off style sheets


From: Joel Ward
Date: Oct 25, 2002 11:52AM

Hi Lori,

I hope I understand you correctly. Here goes.

> I often see responses that are couched in terms of "what if style
> sheets are turned 'off'." I have two questions about this:

One example: Lynx. (aka text browser)

Another example: JAWS or any other assistive technology - In this case, the
visual display is not as important as the structure of the content in the
code. CSS probably has no useful effect on these users.

> 3) As long as this is hardcore requirement, isn't CSS-positioning
> completely off the table, or is 'graceful degradation' acceptable?

I'd say 'graceful degradation' is acceptable, as long as the underlying code
is structured properly.

Yep, there will be those who feel all browsers must display your pages the
same way, but that's never going to happen, especially now as we find more
and more types and brands of browsers appearing (e.g. Opera, AT, cell
phones, PDAs, cars...).

Now, I've deposited my 2 cents. :-)


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