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Re: landmarks in landmarks


From: Gunderson, Jon R
Date: Dec 11, 2013 7:20AM

Here are the general rules I use:

1. One MAIN landmark per page
2. One BANNER landmark per page (e.g. typically information at the top of the all pages in the website)
3. One CONTENTINFO landmark per page (e.g. typically information at the bottom of all pages in the website)
3. Site navigation links should be in NAVIGATION landmarks (so one maybe more depending on the number of list of links) Typically not nested in other landmarks.
4. Do not nest landmarks of the same type (i.e. do not create another NAVIGATION landmark that inside a NAVIGATION landmark)


Some slides on landmarks from a presentation I gave:

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Somebody asked me a question I can't answer. There is a site using
landmarks: banner, navigation, main and content-info. Content-info is used for footer information: copyright, accessibility statement, contacts, cookies and so on. Bu inside footer there is a navigation menu. How to usr landmarks properly?
1. All footer content, including navigation menu, is content-info?
2. Maybe navigation inside content-info:
<div role="content-info">
<div role="navigation">
3. Or two content-info areas:
<div role="content-info">
<div role="navigation="navigation">
<div role="content-info">

Last solution is wrong for me, because there should be only one content-info area on the page. I'm not sure if I can embed landmark area in another landmark area. Can anybody help me?

Best regards
Jacek Zadrożny
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