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Re: selectboxit Combo box Accessibility


From: Stanzel, Susan - FSA, Kansas City, MO
Date: Aug 29, 2014 8:45AM

Would you please send the corrected code so we can all see it?

Susie Stanzel

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The current markup for the simulated combobox is as follows:

<span class="selectboxit-container selectboxit-container" role="combobox" aria-expanded="false" aria-haspopup="true" aria-owns=""
<span tabindex="0" class="selectboxit test selectboxit-enabled selectboxit-btn" style="width: 204px;" name="test" unselectable="on"> <span class="selectboxit-option-icon-container">
<i class="selectboxit-default-icon selectboxit-option-icon selectboxit-container" unselectable="on"> </i> </span> <span class="selectboxit-text" aria-live="polite" style="max-width: 174px;" unselectable="on" data-val="SelectBoxIt is:"> SelectBoxIt is:</span> <span class="selectboxit-arrow-container" unselectable="on"> <i class="selectboxit-arrow selectboxit-default-arrow" unselectable="on"> </i> </span> </span> <ul tabindex="-1" class="selectboxit-options selectboxit-list" role="listbox" aria-hidden="true" style="min-width: 204px;"> <li class="selectboxit-option selectboxit-option-first selectboxit-selected" role="option" data-val="SelectBoxIt is:"
data-disabled="false" data-id="0">
<a class="selectboxit-option-anchor">
<span class="selectboxit-option-icon-container">
<i class="selectboxit-option-icon selectboxit-container"> </i> </span> SelectBoxIt is:</a> </li> <li class="selectboxit-option" role="option" data-val="a jQuery Plugin" data-disabled="false" data-id="1"> <a class="selectboxit-option-anchor">
<span class="selectboxit-option-icon-container">
<i class="selectboxit-option-icon selectboxit-container"> </i> </span> a jQuery Plugin</a> </li> <li class="selectboxit-option" role="option" data-val="a Select Box Replacement" data-disabled="false" data-id="2"> <a class="selectboxit-option-anchor">
<span class="selectboxit-option-icon-container">
<i class="selectboxit-option-icon selectboxit-container"> </i> </span> a Select Box Replacement</a> </li> <li class="selectboxit-option selectboxit-option-last" role="option" data-val="a Stateful UI Widget" data-disabled="false"
<a class="selectboxit-option-anchor">
<span class="selectboxit-option-icon-container">
<i class="selectboxit-option-icon selectboxit-container"> </i> </span> a Stateful UI Widget</a> </li> </ul> </span>


The primary reasons why this isn't working, include 1. The tabindex=0 attribute is not located within the element that includes role="combobox", so screen readers like JAWS aren't interfacing properly with it in the Accessibility Tree.
2. aria-owns doesn't control selection, instead aria-activedescendant is needed on the same element that includes role=combobox for this purpose, which must point to the ID of the selected Option node (the same element that includes role=option), which must be updated appropriately.
3. aria-expanded must be updated appropriately between "true" or "false" when the dropdown is rendered or dismissed. (This may already be happening but I can't tell) 4. All of the elements that include role=option must include tabindex="-1" in order to force IE to recognize the value association when set using aria-activedescendant. (This is a bug) 5. The element that includes role=combobox is missing an explicit label using either aria-label or aria-labelledby.

That should do the trick.

Best wishes,

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Hi List,
Thanks for your valuable previous response on JAWS 15 shortcuts on ARIA Landmarks Yes I indeed missed out on "R' key for navigating ARIA Region.
This time I have a new query for which please visit the following page


The combo box used here has a jquery plugin called "selectboxit"
developed by Greg franko which is not accessible. The problem is were using it in one of our projects ,Can anybody tell me what suggestions I can pass to developers in order to make it accessible, given the constraint that "Can't do away with this jquery plugin as it required by the project."
What ARIA Role , States , & Properties we can insert .

Right now the only closest suggestion I can think of is the following jsfiddle


Thanks in Advance,

Ravindra Kumar Jain
Accessibility Engineer
Onya Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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