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Re: Likert scale -- making radio buttons in a table include their question


From: Ryan E. Benson
Date: Sep 19, 2014 4:08PM

This is one of the instances I say we can use the title attributes versus
labels, since these are usually laid out in a table anyway, so if the AT
fails to read the title, they can find the cell headers and make the
connection. Depending on the question type, i recommend the answer
(strongly agree) or a snippet of the answer after it as the value of the
title attribute.

I've thought about fieldsets in tables, but seemed like it would be a large

Ryan E. Benson

On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 5:26 PM, Jennifer Sutton < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Greetings, WebAIM:
> Has anybody built a Likert scale, using radio buttons in a table? I'm
> working with a client, and we're getting different results with different
> screen reader/browser combos (what else is new)?
> What's generally at issue is the association of the question as the user
> selects the different radio buttons -- strongly disagree, disagree,
> neither, and so forth. There are five choices.
> It seems to me that the screen reader user should hear the question each
> time. But if folks feel otherwise, I'd like to know.
> Anybody got a working example to share?
> I thought this article would do the trick, including use of the radiogroup
> role and ARIA Describedby:
> Fieldset Legends, aria-describedby, and radiogroup roles last-child
> http://www.last-child.com/legend-aria-describedby/
> but it's not quite getting us there.
> What about fieldsets and legends in tables? They're not playing nicely.
> Thanks for any thoughts.
> Best,
> Jennifer
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