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Re: Accessible menus


From: Holly Marie
Date: Apr 23, 2003 12:20PM

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From: "Anitra Pavka"

> There's a way to use CSS to style nested lists to make them appear
as a
> hierarchical menu. I'm duly impressed by how many browsers handle
this example
> well. I'll add that it even looks and works passably in IE 5.0 (Win
> http://www.surgery.ubc.ca/mockup/advocate/allcss.html
> When JavaScript is disabled, the top level of links should be
navigable if you
> use regular links (not generated by JavaScript). I recommend you
repeat the lists
> of lower level links (the ones not viewable when JavaScript is
disabled) on the
> target page of each top level link. That way the navigation is fully
usable whether
> or not JavaScript is supported.
> My only gripe is that since this example uses absolute sizing for
> the font isn't resizable in Internet Explorer (Windows). I plan on
playing around
> with this example to see if I can make it work using relative sizing.

Nice one Anitra.
I suspect we should put together a Navigation / list items piece ...
[wrong list, :) ]
I am collecting the various links and think maybe we could come up with
some likable, usable results for whatever possibility. It would make a
great piece of information.


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