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Re: Blackboard accessibility


From: Holly Marie
Date: Apr 23, 2003 12:52PM

From: "Sandy S. Andrews"

> Hi
> Is anyone else using Blackboard 6.0? They have not responded to my
> about accessibility and there are a couple of things I'd love some
> on, namely the chat and the assessment interface.

> The chat is a new version and is supposed to be accessible, but I
haven't been
> able to get a screen reader to read it, although I can input text.
Hopefully I
> just don't have the info on this.

I recall during a weeks long online accessibility learn event, one of
the presentations involved the blackboard web site. I do know they were
working closely with the people at webaim? and maybe a few others, and
should have a section up at their website regarding accessibility items.
I have not used the chat interface for a long while at blackboard.com,
but was very familiar with their set up previous to these changes. They
may or may not use a java based client, still, that may be tied to IE?
Did you try this email address: <EMAIL REMOVED>

For others interested in online learning and Accessibility, there are
some other resources that may be worth a look.

Information on WEB based learning technologies found at this web link

It looks like they evaluate different distance learning coursewares at
this page(printable version available) ... covers Blackboard, WebCT, and

Snow (Special Needs Opportunity Window) - the people responsible for
APrompt and other items, has a Courseware Accessibility page, here:
(several resources for information available)

There is more about various tools or applications at their Network for
Inclussive Distance Education page: http://nide.snow.utoronto.ca/ -
which includes a page about Synchronious Communications Tools,
http://nide.snow.utoronto.ca/SyncComm/Synchronousindex.htm .

While working on several projects with a Professor who teaches e
Commerce, Business, and Marketing at a Midwestern United States
University, I was able to participate in team web design discussions
using a blind chat room [this had voice options and messaging which was
also available in visual mode too] and that was an interesting and great
experience. The professor works on the Internet and teaches, though he
is also blind. There are several on the WWW now.


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