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Re: Any official clarification on Text-only zoom and RWD?


From: Snahendu Bhattacharya
Date: Feb 23, 2016 1:22PM

Agreed Patrick!

I was mentioning about non-responsive web pages, where relative
measurements of font and container sizes are not maintained, would have the
risk of horizontal scrolling. Also, if user is using the 'browser zoom
only', some user agents will introduce horizontal scroll.

So according to me, 'zoom text' have 3 aspects.

1. User should be able to zoom the 'text only' besides browser zoom.
2. While zoomed, content should be visible, readable and understandable.
3. User should have a definite way to zoom the text by user agents.

Question is, in other words, are we encouraging responsive implementation?
As WCAG doesn't talk about that clearly but indicates to the same.
On Feb 23, 2016 3:04 PM, "Patrick H. Lauke" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> On 23/02/2016 19:10, Snahendu Bhattacharya wrote:
>> Also, browser zoom introduces a good amount of horizontal scrolling, which
>> itself causes a barrier in accessing the page.
> Not if the responsive approach was done properly, as it would then simply
> trigger different media query breakpoints, and the fluid approach (which is
> part of RWD's core tents) should also avoid horizontal scrolling.
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